Wood Elves

Wood Elves

The wood elves of Altais first appeared around the time the Dwarves founded The Emerald Isle. How long they existed before this date is unknown. The Elves claim that their ancestors were Treants that morphed into Wood Elves, but there is no evidence to support such a claim.

The Wood Elves mostly live within The Katar Forest. They are broken up into three major clans: The Bear Clan, at the westernmost part of the forest, the Elk Clan near the middle, and finally the Wolf Clan in the eastern part of the forest.

Within each of these clans resides two tribes: Seeders, who plant the trees, and the Harvesters who collect them. Each tribe has a leader, referred to as a “Father”. This is the current standings of the tribes:

Bear Clan:
Seeder: Father Graystump
Harvester: Undecided, previously Father Blandtree

Elk Clan:
Seeder: Father Softroot
Harvester: Father Bitterroot

Wolf Clan:
Seeder: Father Madtree
Harvester: Father Oakenfang

Relationships With Other Groups

There is no one race that the Wood Elves particularly dislike. They aren’t trustworthy with just about anyone who doesn’t live within the forest, however.


The Wood Elves each subscribe to their own brand of religion, but almost all of them do believe in the rituals of their people. The biggest ritual that the Wood Elves partake in is the death ritual. Any time one of their own dies they are to be buried with a sapling over their body in The Spirit Grove. The tree that grows from this will wrap its roots around the body, and the spirit will grow with the tree. This is the Wood Elves way of immortalizing their people, and paying them proper respect. It is also because of this that any forest member who dies outside of the forest must be sent back to be a part of the ritual. All other clans understand and respect this ritual and are usually very accommodating in the event that a forest person dies on their land.

Wood Elves

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