The Celestial War

The Celestial War

The Celestial War took place a few hundred-thousand years after the birth of the universe. According to modern day Celestial Scholars, Octans created the universe, and Crux set out to destroy it. Some say Crux wanted to destroy it because he was jealous of what Octans was able to build, but others say Crux wanted to destroy it in order to restore balance to the universe and let Octans rebuild the universe in a never ending cycle of creation and destruction.

Regardless of what Crux’s motives were, scholars are certain that he initiated the war that raged on for approximately 700,000 years. This war mostly took place in the realm of other celestial beings up above our night sky, it was only during the last century that the Gods decided to each send an avatar to Altais and finish the fight for good.

Octans’ avatar (which from reconstruction of remaining Celestial Steel) resembles a beautiful woman with the wings of an angel whose entire body is made up of Celestial Steel.

Crux’s avatar, on the other hand, resembles a large titan that stands roughly 70 feet tall and wields a powerful staff. He was also composed entirely of Celestial Steel.

The fight between these avatars and any minions they could summon raged on for decades, only to be decided when Octans was directed to one of Altais’ natural Draco Steel deposits by Jura, The Emerald Dragon and forged The Divine Blade that was able to cut through the Celestial Steel and end the war.

To this day some pieces of Celestial Steel can still be found around Altais, though it is very rare and invaluable. Draco Steel can also still be found, though its ownership is highly contested, and the Wood Elves refuse to let anyone tamper with it.

No record or indication of either Celestial God has been seen since the climax of this battle.

The Celestial War

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