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Welcome to the world of Altais!

Altais (ALL-tays) was forged many eons before man. Most scholars believe that Octans, the Celestial God was responsible for its creation.

For reasons not quite clear, The Celestial War started at some point pre-man. This was a war between Octans, and her opposing celestial force, Crux. What is clear, however, is that Octans was the victor of this war due to her discovery of an Altais native mineral Draco Steel. This was the only thing able to cut through the Celestial Steel protecting Crux’s avatar.

Some time after this, the first Dwarves rose to the surface near The Scaled Peaks. They quickly found home within these mountains, and began mining. Soon enough their numbers grew large enough that some didn’t feel quite at home in the mountains, this lead them to travel down Jura River and find home in what would eventually be known as The Emerald Isle.

With new settlers near the river, quickly the Wood Elves were discovered in what is now known to be The Katar Forest. With this some elves and other races came out of the forest and also established homes on or near The Emerald Isle.

Home Page

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