The Dwarves were the first race to inhabit the planet as far as Altais’ historians are aware. They first arrived through deep tunnels within The Scaled Peaks. It was here that they decided to make their home.

Quickly the Dwarves established a Monarchy with The Dragonblood Family as its ruler.

The Dwarves are well known for their blacksmith abilities and house two of the only Celestial Steel smiths in all of Altais.

Relations With Other Groups


The Dwarves are also well known for their hatred of Dragonborn, or as they call them “lizardfolk”. The Dwarves despise the Dragonborn for claiming a Draconic ancestry, as they see themselves as the true children of dragons.

Wood Elves

The relationship between the Dwarves and the Wood Elves is tense to say the least. It isn’t hostile necessarily, but The Katar Forest that the Elves inhabit is one of the few places that the Dwarves didn’t discover themselves, and that bothers them immensely. It doesn’t help the relationship any that Katar is home to some Draco Steel deposits that originally would have existed on the peaks.

River Folk

As with most races, the Dwarves don’t have anything exceptionally negative to say about the River Folk. This is probably due to the mostly neutral stance that the River Folk take on most issues.


As with most races, there isn’t one unified religion that the Dwarves follow, however almost every Dwarf at least pays respect to their Draconic ancestors.


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