Father Madtree

Father of the Wolf clan's Seeder tribe.


Father Madtree is the father to the Wolf Clan’s seeder tribe.

When an Elf becomes the father of a tribe, he must undergo a ceremony to receive his new name. The only ones who go with the Elf are the other fathers, and typically the reason behind the name is unknown to everyone outside of that group. This isn’t quite the case for Madtree, however, as his personality about fits his title.

Madtree is eccentric at best and an outright lunatic at worst. Though despite any odd quirks about his personality, he does seem to be an excellent seeder and his eccentric outbursts have never hurt anyone within his clan. For the most part the Wolf Clan respects him, but the other clans tend to be a bit wary of him due to his personality.

He is a tall and slender elf who looks mostly normal except the fact that his eyes are completely white. His explanation for this changes every time he tells the story, and he loves to tell that story.

Father Madtree

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