Queen Ezra Dragonblood

Queen of the Dwarves


Queen Ezra Dragonblood is queen of the Dwarves that live on The Scaled Peaks. It is believed by most Dwarves that The Dragonblood Family is descended from dragons. Specifically the original three dragons who lived atop the Peaks. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen.

Queen Ezra has eight living children, seven of which are male. Only the most recent child, Opal, is a female. For the last century or so Ezra has been taking suitors, bearing their child, and disposing of them if they were unable to give her the daughter she so desperately wanted. Her current husband is King Saul who was the first and only suitor to give her a daughter.

Queen Ezra is known to have one of the largest collections of Draco Steel known to man. Weapons, jewelry, even some of the utensils in her castle are made of Draco Steel. It has been known since the beginning of recorded history that the first mineral mined from each vein of Draco Steel must be given to the Queen as tribute. Neglecting to do so will curse the miner and his family for 7 years. Unfortunately this is also used as a means to keep people from feeling much sympathy to the homeless people atop the peaks. Most will just pass them by and maybe even scold them for not giving the Queen her tribute, regardless of the reasons for the persons current situation.

Queen Ezra Dragonblood

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