Crux, Celestial God

One of the two ancient gods that fought in the celestial war.


Crux(CRUCKS) is most commonly referred to as “The God of Destruction”, but to those who worship him he is known as “The God of Balance”.

There are two major schools of thought on Crux. One is that he started The Celestial War against Octans because he wanted to destroy the universe that she had created. The other is that he started the war because Octans refused to honor the balance that must be kept within a natural universe.

The latter way of thinking lends itself to believe that the universe is unstable in nature, and must periodically (once every few million years, most astronomers speculate) collapse in on itself due to this lack of stability. It is believed that Crux is responsible for the collapse of the universe, while Octans is responsible for reestablishing it after the collapse. Those who see Crux as The God of Balance see Octans as a selfish God who would not give up the thing she had created.

Crux, Celestial God

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